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Future Lighting are devoted to serve and we are constantly seeking revolutionary lighting products so minimalist and flexible that you can use it in your home in radical new ways. Meanwhile, Future Lighting believe cutting edge technology and efficient lighting/ electronic products can help our customers reduce their carbon foot print, so that you are not only saving in a smart but also in a stylish way.

For Future Lighting, our customers create value for us and empower us to strive for better service and products. We go out of our way to make sure our products are safe, and at the lowest price possible to create outstanding online shopping experience to satisfy our customers. At the end of the day, our motivation comes from your smiles.

In order to satisfy each unique customer’s expectation as well as different tastes, we supply various exclusive ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lights, outdoor lights, table lamp and LED in different styles.

Lighting & Electronic Solutions

Whether you are moving into a new home or doing renovation, one of the most important factors of a great design is lighting. Your options for lighting each room are unique. You can decorate your home by turning its atmosphere into peaceful and comfortable, romantic and intimate, or cheerful and festive. By highlighting your favorite piece of artwork with stylish lighting will draw people’s undivided attention to your special tastes. Let's take a look at some tips that will better help you furnish your home with light.

Dining Room

Lighting in the dining room is the place where your guests enjoy your hospitality. Lighting should set an easy and relaxing atmosphere where your guests would find it enjoyable to dine at your home. Other than the setting of furniture, lighting would formulate a comfortable mood as well as carry out its practical use in lightening up the room and displaying your favorite food.

Living Room

Living room is one of the most important rooms in our home. This is where most activities take place. Either you are chilling, chatting, reading, watching television…etc; everyone will spend the most time in the living room. Therefore it is central to light it well and efficient. Due to the variety of activities, light must be fitted for all circumstances, and able to select brightness and intensity according the mood and activities.

We suggest you to think of lighting as layers. A layer consist of a dimmable main light with a soft layer for side light (table lamp, floor lamp and spot light) will work extremely well to create the atmospheres for all activities. You can always use different colored light bulb, filter/LED to bring the colors into your life, and use spot light to highlight a particular feature in your living room that you want it to stand out.


It is a place where meals are cooked and may be eaten. If your home has open kitchen, it would also be a place for conversing, studying, working and entertaining. By considering the kitchen as a sort of workshop, you may need shadow-free general lighting which the lights can reach all surfaces including vertical work surfaces to facilitate the task of finding things in the cupboards.

Recessed ceiling lights can provide the basic background light. Strip lighting over work surfaces provides the bright light required for working. Lightings concealed under or above the wall-mounted units will have the effect of presenting extra space and raising the ceiling. Spotlights can be used to highlight a feature, or provide a focused pool of light on a cooker or shelves.


Lighting in a bedroom must be able to provide us the comfort and relaxation mood, not only to sleep well but also to chill, and dressing, grooming .etc. Therefore the setting of bedroom will be very similar to living room, where light must be treated as layers to suit the diversity of activities. A dimmer table central light with side lights (table, spot/floor lamp) will be the best setting to suit your bedroom and design.

Workrooms/ Office

Intense and bright light is a must in your office/workrooms to help you to focus on your work. Strong focus light makes your reading easier and less stress on your eyes. However don’t forget the background light to makes you more relaxed to work in the room.


Waterproof lightings are important for bathrooms as it is a place full of vapor and water. You may choose lightings with effective resistance to water and moisture.

We understand your need. Before the start of the day, you need to be clean, fresh and bright in the mornings. In the evenings you need to create a relaxed, quiet and intimate atmosphere before you retire to bed. You may use proper general lighting and task lighting to create a style which is most suitable to your mood. Thus, placing equal amount of task lighting on both sides of the bathroom mirror will help to reduce unbalanced shadows normally appear with one sole light.